Building Service Contactors

As a Service Contractor, your company’s talents are called upon to help other businesses make better use of their time resources. You should be able to do the same with products and equipment to make your jobs faster without wasting money. Here are some areas we can help.

American Made Chemicals were introduced as a complete system to help users have everything they need in one convenient source. Color coded and numbered ultra-concentrated products provide accurate and consistent dilutions every time with five basic cleaning products: Glass Cleaner, Disinfectant Cleaner, General Purpose Cleaner, Neutral Floor Cleaner, and Heavy Duty Degreaser.

Pioneer Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner is designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize toilet bowls and urinals. When used as directed, this formulation exhibits effective disinfection against Salmonella Choleraesuis, Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in addition to preventing odors caused by microorganisms.

Tornado Back Pack Vacuum offers a convenient way to clean hallways and public spaces without having long cords trailing behind that can cause trip and fall hazards. The lightweight design also means no heavy machines to maneuver in smaller spaces or around furniture.

Talk with us soon for ideas and best practices of how we can help your business.

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