Food Processing

Look at any facility dealing with food preparation and you will see strict protocols for cleaning practices and standards. Beyond this, cleaning products need to be safe, non-toxic, and have non-offensive odors. Our experience this industry has allowed us to offer several key products, here are just a couple.

Baked off is able to clean the toughest ovens, grills and exhaust hoods with superior dissolving power against burned-on, baked-on carbon, grease, food deposits and smoke residue. This powerful cleaner produces a “super-cling” foam for prolonged cleaning time and reduced scrubbing time. The non-flammable and odor-free formula makes it ideal for food prep and service areas.

Gemini Disinfectant and Foaming Cleaners are specifically designed products for use on hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces. However these powerful cleaners are also safe around the general public. Having two varieties (foaming and non-foaming) gives you the flexibility based on the surface area being cleaned.

Hand Hygiene Products are a collection of products designed to help you keep germs at bay and people in play. Beyond a variety of soaps, we can supply you with sanitizers, dispensers and personal wipes. Keep your staff, and customers healthy with products designed to promote personal health.

Let a member of our sales team also share with your our line of cleaning equipment to make your cleaning responsibilities smoother.

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