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When you think of manufacturing and industrial environments, process, systems and efficiency often come to mind. X-Cel understands and has developed a systems approach to cleaning supplies, products, and equipment. We have several products designed to target grease, oil and industrial soil. Here are just a couple:

Oil Terminator outperforms other degreasers with EPA recognized Microbe Technology that remediates oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons on hard surfaces into water and carbon dioxide. It will also quickly dissolve tough, oily soils on most water-safe surfaces. Non-corrosive, no VOC’s, and odor-free – a essential product for industrial settings.

Titan Super-Duty Degreaser is a concentrated heavy duty cleaner/degreaser for use on medium to heavy industrial soils with a phosphate free, nonflammable formula. The low foaming product is formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soil from concrete, machinery, engines, floors, walls, etc.

Mercury Neutral Cleaner is a totally synthetic floor cleaner designed for daily use as part of your floor maintenance program. Its slightly acidic pH will not damage the gloss or film of any finish and is effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residue on the floor. The controlled foam makes this product ideal for use in automatic scrubbers without any soap haze residue.

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