The variety of customers we help go beyond just those who need cleaning supplies – basic or specialized. In working with Municipalities we offer a variety of products that many would not ordinarily think of.

Stripping / Marking / MRO Paints are used on a daily basis in some areas, especially in the warmer months. From parking lot lanes, entrances, and handicap parking to soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and community fun runs we can help you identify where people need to go and how to get there.

Trash Receptacles and Liners are an inevitable need whenever a group gathers. Be prepared with containers designed for use indoors or out with the right liner to fit each one.

Herbicidal and Insecticides are often needed to maintain common areas, keeping them free of weeds and pests. The key is use products that are effective without being harmful. Not only can we recommend the right product for your municipality, but more importantly, show you how it should be used to keep residents and staff using the products safe.

We serve the same communities we live in. Making sure the right products are used in the safest and most effective way is as important to us as it is to your families.

Our Manufacturers

X-Cel Products Line
Seymour Paint
Athea Lab
Anderesen Company
Woodbine Products
Safety Zone
Zenex International
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