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Businesses in the Hospitality services sectors have unique needs in maintaining their properties. From large kitchens and food preparation areas to basic room and bathroom areas in mass, meeting health standards of cleanliness without offensive odors is critical. We have a variety of products that can help.

F.O.G. Killer is a microbe-powered cleaner that dissolves fats, oils, greasy soils, and food wastes with a “deep cleaning” feature that quickly penetrates embedded soils. This versatile product is ideal for floors, walls, tables, and equipment to eliminate oily surfaces, treat drains and grease traps, and control odors. It is also ideal for hospitality spaces with the neutral pH, fragrance-free, and NSF-approved formula.

Baked off is able to clean the toughest ovens, grills and exhaust hoods with superior dissolving power against burned-on, baked-on carbon, grease, food deposits and smoke residue. This powerful cleaner produces a “super-cling” foam for prolonged cleaning time and reduced scrubbing time. The non-flammable and odor-free formula makes it ideal for food prep and service areas.

American Streak Free Glass Cleaner is a blend of surfactants, sequestering agents, and solvent alcohol. Formulated to quickly penetrate dust, grease, and grime on all windows and other glass surfaces, it leaves glass with absolutely no residues or streaks. Ideal for use on windows, doors, mirrors, display cases, and countertops, this non-ammoniated formula is also safe for use on Plexiglas and tinted windows.

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