Schools / Universities

Centers of learning – whether elementary schools or universities – all have one thing in common. Lots and lots of people which means lots and lots of space to maintain and areas to clean. Here are just a couple products that can definitely help.

Hand Hygiene Products are a collection of products designed to help you keep germs at bay and people in play. Beyond a variety of soaps, we can supply you with products for sanitizers, dispensers and personal wipes. Keep your students, staff, and visitors healthy with products designed to promote personal health.

Industrial Floor Cleaner System is a unique product styled after a zamboni ice machine, but designed to clean large areas of flooring in a very efficient manner. The rider operated machine not only cleans your hard surface flooring, but also removes excess water leaving the area nearly dry.

X-Cel Odor Control System addresses all aspects of managing a clean smelling facility including deodorization, source removal, air care, and fixture care in two appealing fragrance options. Don’t just cover odors, effectively remove them and then take steps to minimize their return.

A member of our sales team would like to show you options for your institution to save your staff time and money.

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