Senior Living

Besides the obvious focus of disinfection for any Senior Living facility, the other priority is safety. X-Cel has several products that help in this area.

Matting and Floor Protection is one way to take care of slippery surfaces. With a variety of colors, textures, and styles your facility can not only find floor covering to fit the decor, but also ensure smooth walking surfaces that meet function and form.

Tornado Back Pack Vacuum offers a convenient way to clean hallways and public spaces without having long cords trailing behind that can cause trip and fall hazards. The lightweight design also means no heavy machines to maneuver in smaller spaces or around furniture.

American HP Glass & Degreaser Cleaner is a low toxicity and VOC, hydrogen peroxide fortified, concentrated all-purpose cleaner specially designed to address the environmental, safety, and health concerns facing today’s housekeeping professional. The hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the soil and stains, destroys odors and provides color safe bleaching action. This product can be used to clean most surfaces such as windows, walls, floors, tile & grout, washroom fixtures, tubs, showers, toilet bowls, and urinals with no rinsing required.

Talk with a member of our sales team today on other options for maintaining and promoting a safe environment in your Senior Care facility.

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